Cutting profiles, bars and pipes


We cut profiles, bars or pipes. We are flexible and able to adapt to your complex specifications. Intermediate or final dimensions can be used, while cutting angles can be manually adjusted between 0 to 45 ° on the X and Z axes, allowing us to make extremely precise cuts in a single step without further machining.

Our technologies:

  • ELUMATEC double cutting circular saw
  • ELU double cutting circular saw
  • COMPA double cutting circular saw
  • EISELE manual circular saw


We cut steel pipes and bars with circular sawing or band sawing machines. Not only can we make straight cuts, but if your project requires it, we can also manually adjust the angle and cut the parts exactly as required for further processing.

Our technology:

  • MEP TIGER automatic cutting circular saw
  • PILOUS band saw

Technical data


Ø x y z
Aluminum 400 mm 4.000 mm
Steel 400 mm 4.000 mm
Stainless steel 400 mm 4.000 mm