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Laser cutting

Complex contours are possible, from sheets up to 25 mm thick for steel and 10 mm thick


For complex projects, parts and subassemblies that require this type of machining, we use state-of-the-art welding processes.

CNC milling

Complex operations with a high degree of automation and maximum productivity are possible. CNC milling can be

Manual milling

When templates and equipment need to be supplied, manual milling comes into play. In doing so, we


According to your instructions, we process the sheet metal by bending with two types of machines: Bending

Hydraulic press

Where the sheet bending process does not meet the complex requirements, the more complex process of pressing

CNC turning

From simple to complex rotationally symmetrical parts, we deliver according to your specifications. We use an automatic

Manual turning

If the situation requires it, we use lathes with mechanical, hydraulic or electric drive. In this case,